Friday, December 04, 2015

Paranjape Schemes' Happiness Hub Launched!

2,000 Low Budget Homes - 1 Room Kitchen, 1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats
near Khed Shivapur Toll Naka on Pune Bangalore Highway
5 - 90 - 5 Payment Plan - Home Loans without Income Proof
Contact - 9021 578 678 -

Paranjape Schemes' Happiness Hub Launched!

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  1. Shall i book a flat in happiness hub Paranjape scheme ? Please advice me

  2. 26 km from swargate, 4-5 km after toll plaza,next to Universal Inds."Happiness Hub "a PSCL new poject is located. A hill slop plot having a stone querry at the bottom & is having water accumalated call as the "Lake " ??? Cozy ,basic Show flats with poor architectural design are not appealing. It was the "Nana's "advt gave an impact which pulled lout crowd on the site for -3- days. Only 200 ml water bottle (on demand) was provided for the visitors and not a half cup of Tea offered to any one. On the project site not a single brick was contructed of any of the "proposed buildings" It seems that the, only booking collection of public fund/ and their loan amt disbursement then project will move ahaed. Ravi you must visit and enlighten us.