Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinnacle Group Launches Neelanchal at Sus!

Pinnacle Neelanchal 16 Acre Township of
2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats next to VIBGYOR High School,
Sus, Baner Annexe, Pune
contact: 020 6623 3556 / 6623 3566 / 777 50 22 111

Pinnacle Neelanchal Launch Ad in Sakal

Click to Visit Pinnacle Neelanchal Launch Ad in Sakal

Pinnacle Neelanchal 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats Sus Baner Annexe Pune India (28-9-2014)

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  1. Dear Sir, does this look like a good option? Also is Pinnacle's reputation good?

  2. is this a good flat and is it worth investing here

  3. Hi,
    It would be great to know your opinions/tips on this project & about Pinnacle Group.

    1. Sure, Amol! You can call me on 919860044110.

    2. hi Amol,
      Have u booked at pinnacle neelanchal?

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Could you please share your thoughts on the blog regarding this project as you did for XRBIA?
    It would be very helpful for us looking for a home and not just a house(to invest).
    Kudos to your blog :)

    Thank you in advance.
    Pratik Kulkarni.

  5. Hello Ravi Sir,

    Please post your opinions on this project, Even I am waiting for it.


  6. Hi Umesh,
    I am also looking for this project. Can you please inbox your conatct to

    We can have a chat , till Ravi's opinion comes in.


  7. hi, my name is prakash. i have book 1 bhk flat in this project. firstly they give us offer & saying that its a good offer. but after some days they says, management decision change and flat cost will be increased. so be alert before booking.

  8. Currently, this location is not under PMC. Any expectation after 2-3 years when it will be merged with PMC ?

    1. Hello Jiten!

      1) I go by the past experience of the villages merged in 1997 in PMC & PCMC.
      For the experience of Baner Balewadi, please, visit -
      TruSpace Prima Domus - My first 2 BHK Flat at Balewadi near Hinjewadi, Pune!
      Badi Ajeeb Hai Balewadi!! Bade Ajeeb Log Hain Hinjewadi IT Professionals!!!
      Read more at -

      2) For the experience of PCMC, please, visit -

      MHADA type flats for the intellectually weaker section of Hinjewadi IT Engineers -

  9. I contacted Pinnacle office. They said PMC already covers area upto Vibgyor school. This project location would be under PMC soon. Residents wont depend on Tanker water after possession.

    1. Good, Jiten! Get this in writing from the builder along with a cheque of 5 crore rupees which you can encash on the date of possession if this doesn't happen.

    2. Dear Jiten Sahoo, please, visit this blog - Struggling for Survival at Sus

    3. Dear Jiten Sahoo, please, visit this blog - Fight for Honor, Fight for Home - Residents of Pinnacle Brookside at Bavdhan Budurk, join hands to fight for their consumer rights: -

  10. Thanks Sir. Yours blogs are really eye opener.