Friday, August 03, 2012

Xrbia Pune

Xrbia Hinjewadi Pune Ads:

Xrbia near Hinjewadi Pune
Xrbia Ad TOI

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Xrbia Ad Sakal

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  1. Dear Mr Karandikar,

    Sincerely appreciate you cautioning gullible home seekers and investors... BUT ... Pl clarify

    1. How do you assume that the builder will get 100% down payment as he will receive the funds in tranches from the FI after completing the relevant stages of construction and after paying the PreEMI interest for the same (if one opts for the 20:80 scheme which is best from a buyers standpoint.

    2. The ad claims that ICICI LICHFL DHFL YES Bank and even SBI are associated with this project. Do you think these institutiions are out of their minds or is there a bigger conspiracy brewing up which needs to be trounced immediately and firmly.

    3. I do not favour any builder and firmly believe that a realistic rate for any genuine construction today is far lower that what is claimed and collected by builders in general particularly in markets like Pune & Mumbai and we are paying exhorbitant & UNREALISTIC rates for the kind of infrastructure and civic amenities provided in return. So a truly genuine & sincere effort by someone (IF IT REALLY IS )to provide low cost housing should be lauded.

    Sincerely wish that the project sees the light of the day

    Dr P R Pandit, Mumbai