Monday, November 21, 2011

Senior Citizens Homes Pirangut Pune 412 108

Fully Furnished, Air Conditioned, 1 BHK Homes for Rs. 33 Lakhs Onward, for Senior Citizens at Pirangut, Pune 412 108:

Senior Citizens Homes at Urawade Pirangut Pune 412 108
Senior Citizens Homes Pirangut Pune

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  1. Holy cow ... 33 lacs for a full furnished 1 BHK and then 8K per month maintenance? Is that really worth it? I was thinking with an average 8% ROI FD will give around 22K per month. I saw an advertisement in The TImes of India. A senior citizen home in Lonavala was charging 10K (approx) as rent for everything. Still you have 15K left in hand to invest in other instruments or for your leisure