Friday, October 07, 2011

Pristine Prolife Wakad, Pune 411 057, Gets CRISIL 5 Star Rating!

Pristine Prolife Wakad Pune ( joins the exclusive club of Pune CRISIL Stars - Anandgram Yavat, Megapolis Phase 1, Nandan Prospera, Rohan Leher, Rohan Mithila!

CRISIL 5 Star Ratings for Pristine Prolife 2 BHK 3 BHK Flats on Mumbai Bangalore Bypass near Sayaji Hotel Wakad Pune 411 057 (Click the Ad to Enlarge)


  1. Many developer can launch a project which will get 5 stars. The rating are based on what developer promises to deliver.

    The ratings can be upgraded or downgraded at any point of time. So if developer doesn't deliver what he promises then rating may decrease.
    So it is possible that a project which got 5 stars at launch stage got only 2 stars at time of delivery. The rating downgrade might happen if developer promises amenities but does not deliver them. (Amenities like club house, private school, gym, hyper market, garden, internal roads, water supply). So rating at launch stage is pretty much useless.

    The rating business is also prone to corruption.
    S&P (along with other credit rating agencies) gave AAA ratings to subprime-backed securities in USA. Many pension funds who bought these securities have lost money. S&P just said that AAA rating was its opinion and it is not legally liable for any loss. CRISIL can say same thing tomorrow when people realise there is shortage of water supply.

  2. Ravi, what are your reviews about this project, i spoke with them and they still have some flats available, i am in Hongkong so cant pay a site visit. Any additional info on the background of the Pristine builders would be helpful, they have a few other prime projects ongoing in Pune.

    Thanks Deepak

  3. There is a google group exclusively for Pristine Prolife Flat owner' s, please join it