Sunday, December 05, 2010

Amanora Park Town - where the promoters will maintain the township for the next 999 years

amanora 5-12-2010(click the ad to enlarge)

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  1. Let me clear first from my side that I am not criticizing amanora, I am just trying to put forward my points as a customer.
    I have already purchased a 2.5BHK in amanora and its possession is after 3years(2013-end).
    I booked this flat as I was amazed with the gardens which are built for “so called” amanora citizens.
    The common gardens which are inside this township are supposed to be for “amanora citizens” this is what my common sense tells me and that’s why the owners of the flats inside amanora township are paying one time maintenance and as well as monthly maintenance. One for common gardens and roads and other for cluster specific gardens.
    (the one time maintenance cost is almost 3.5 lacs and monthly maintenance per flat is 4K)

    Now when I see the progress of the site after 6months, the common gardens are getting used for weddings, receptions, shows and similar events.
    It seems that the garden is going to be used by “close relatives/contacts” of city group authorities or by the rich people who can afford 5 to 10 lacs per day.
    There are at least 6K families are going to live in amanora township and if those many people don’t have access to a common garden even after paying for and which is actually built for them then it’s useless.
    I am not sure how these "common garnes" will be available for the "amanora citizens". I guess it is something similar to "aaji chya jivawar baaji udaar".