Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is the real intention of Lavasa?

Is this full page ad of Lavasa about an admission in Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, 25,000 apartments and villas or PR exercise against farmer's agitation?

Lavasa - Center of excellence in education and research in India:

The full page ad of Lavasa (www.lavasa.com) published on the 3rd page of Times of India on Sunday, June 27, 2009, announces that "The world's finest hospitality education institute now opens in Lavasa".

The ad also reminds you that 30th June 2009 is the last date for the admission for 2009 - 10 academic year. Not only that the ad also tells you to log onto www.ecolehotelierelavasa.com to apply or gives email id to send your applications and phone number for more information.

Besides Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, the ad lists institutions and facilities in the field of education, hospitality, tourism, health and wellness - Medicity in Lavasa.

Lavasa - Over 25,000 lakeside apartments and villas:

However, you can't miss the points mentioned at the bottom of full page ad.

The ad tells you that Lavasa is spread across 7 hills, has 60 kms. of lake front, and compares it's size with Mumbai. When you realize that all this is just 45 minutes away from Pune, 25,000 lakeside apartments and villas look best investment opportunity in the world. Don't they?

Was this ad to advertise this real estate? Was admission in Ecole Hoteliere Lavasa, just a brand building opportunity for Lavasa?

Lavasa - 50,000 employment oppprtunities!

Besides real estate development and center of excellence, the ad mentions that Lavasa will create 50,000 employment opportunities! Lavasa, recipient of 3 Global awards for master planning, will have state of the art technology and e governance!

Oh! Was this ad for creating favorable opinion among urban middle class who still might have some sense of social justice and a soft corner for the original land owners who are agitating against Lavasa for cheating them while purchasing their land?

What do you think? Does this ad justify Lavasa's actions? Does this ad succeed in convincing you that Lavasa may not have done any injustice to the original farmers? Or you don't mind minor injustice against uneducated, ignorant, poor and lazy landowners for something grand as Space Camp or world renowned school for waiters? Please, rate the ad in the comments.

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