Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Increasing property prices - hot sauce for real estate developers!

Does announcement of increasing property prices stimulate hunger for property?

Anger against builders, for sure!

When real estate market was booming, you were feeling that, builders were exploiting property buyers by increasing property prices. Right?

Now, when all big builders are in trouble, you feel, to avoid reducing property rates, the same big builders are insulting property buyers by offering "small size flats" as an affordable housing. Right?

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When most of the property buyers are so angry with the builders, I am sure, this type of "threatening ad" by Nirmal Lifestyle (www.nirmallifestyle.com and www.lifestylecity.co.in ) of Mulund, Mumbai will create less "booking" but more anger against the builder himself. What say you? Please, share your views and rate the ad as "Good" or "Bad" in the comments!

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1 comment:

  1. 1. About Increasing Rates...
    qThe truth of real estate is that Quoting rates need not be the selling rate. It's all bargaining market. More you can bargain more you gain. Surely there are many people who don't understand this.
    To get good rates from such builders one should NECESSARILY go a week or two after the rates go up and then BARGAIN.

    2. About smaller Houses
    IF you Don't like, Don't buy. They are businessmen and would offer what sells. By not buying You tell them that this does not sell and they should make corrections.
    Unfortunately, we look for BUDGET and not for Value...