Sunday, October 26, 2008

Vilas Javdekar and Associates, promoters of Palash 2.0 and Palash 2i at Wakad, wishes you an Eco-friendly Happy Diwali!

Promoting good cause pays!

Green umbrella and Green Diwali!

For a while, we all were talking a lot about Green Umbrella Offer of Palash 2 and Palash 2i, an exclusive residential projects at Wakad, near Hinjewadi, on my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog.

If you read the conversation on the blogs, you will see that most of the property buyers were against the offer. How could Palash successfully book so many flats when majority were against the offer?

I think, Vilas Javdekar and Associates succeeded only because they were very honest. Both the parties, the builder and the property buyer, were going to benefit from this offer. Irrespective of the risks involved in this offer, people opted for this 'win win offer' because, i think, Palash's zealous commitment to "Eco living" has created an impression about them as a "genuine and sensible builder" who does not believe in exploiting others for his own profit.

There was no confusion or misunderstanding about the Green Umbrella Offer. Irrespective of whether one was for or against, everybody had exactly understood the offer - the builder will pay your EMI till he gives the possession of your flat if you give the builder your own contribution and the advance disbursement of your entire home loan, means 100% down payment.

At the same time, Vilas Javdekar and Associates were honest about how it will benefit them too, in terms of inexpensive finance, rising construction costs and completion of project in time.

Subscribing and promoting the mutually beneficial cause was not new to Palash. From conceptualizing to marketing Palash, Vilas Javdekar and Associates have given importance to Eco Living concept, included in this Diwali Greetings. In these uncertain circumstances if you have to trust, whom will you trust? May be, someone who does not believe in exploiting. Not exploiting mother nature. Or not exploiting his customers. Isn't it? What do you say? Please, let me know in the comments. (comments policy)

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