Friday, September 05, 2008

Prospects in "Pune Real Estate Slow Down"!

"Pune real estate is a facade. Its on very volatile foundation based on hype and lies everywhere. But buyers know the truth now. Real estate is gonna crash in coming months." - Mr. Anonymous

Prospects for the property buyers!

This quotation is from the comment on my post Now, SuCasa, at Wakad, also launches compact 2 bhk flats for 33 lakhs!. My statement about the booking at Mont Vert Seville, at Wakad, triggered this angry response.

Mr. Anonymous finds my statement full of hope. Totally opposite to his expectation of complete hopeless and helpless mood in Pune real estate market.

He got angry because i was positive. If i had been negative he would have been happy. Because, not only Mr. Anonymous, but every property buyer has a hope, actually lots of hopes, from the current slow down in Pune real estate market.

Hope of property prices coming down. Hope to be able to book a property of your choice, in your budget. But the slow down looks like stopped, not slowing down any further, property prices are not going down any more. And this is a big disappointment.

Prospects for the builders!

Not only property buyers but builders also have lots of hopes from this slow down in Pune real estate market. Ask Rohit Gera, executive director of Gera Developments. Rohit hopes to get land at a lower price and joint venture opportunities to develop real estate projects on good terms.

Mr. Gera says,“The real estate market in Pune has witnessed a 60% drop in sales. If inflationary trends continue till December 2008, land value will undergo a price correction of about 30% by March - April 2009,”

“Large, medium and small developers have already started offering land to us for joint development. We are, in fact, waiting for price discounts at which we can borrow land from them for constructing their projects,” Mr. Rohit Gera reveals!

Prospects for Ravi Karandeekar!

I am a real estate salesman. One of the best real estate salesman in Pune real estate market. I have a rare blend of talent and track record. From real estate advertising to sales and recovery, I am a complete real estate marketing expert.

In real estate boom, i did not have much to do. But Pune real estate slow down is an opportunity to prove myself. Ask any real estate salesman, he will tell you the same things. This is the reason behind my excitement about special offers, schemes and discounts in Pune real estate market! To me, real estate slow down is not bad!

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1 comment:

  1. Definitely prices will come down as Indian economy is as fragile as a ice cream at present. Looking at the trend in world economy dont be surprise to see the empty flats waiting for buyers in the near future. Builders are smart enough to sense this fact which lead to slowdown of many projects in the pune and nearby areas.
    wish your predictions will be right about the stagnancy of property rates.