Friday, September 12, 2008

Ooh La La! Amruta Khanvilkar in Indradhanu at Vanaz!

Indradhanu at Vanaz on Paud Road in Kothrud, opens the bookings of 2nd phase!:

For a long time, i was eagerly waiting for Indradhanu, one of my favorite real estate project in Pune, to open the bookings of it's second phase.

There was a pre-launch ad in Sakal, local Marathi newspaper. But the ad did not mention the date on which bookings would open. Thanks to my old friend, Nitin Devasthali, who looks after the bookings, i got to know the opening date and also the property rate. Which was indeed a "hot" Pune Real Estate Market News!.

Obviously, on Thursday, August 28TH, '08, i was expecting to see the ad in the newspaper. The head line, I knew, would be something like this - 'Indradhanu at Vanaz on Paud Road in Kothrud, opens the bookings of luxurious 2 bhk and 3 bhk flats in it's 2nd phase!'

For the typical Pune(ri) property buyer who was eagerly waiting to book a flat in the 2nd phase of Indradhanu at Vanaz this simple announcement was the most effective headline. So write this type of headline, add the photograph of the building and the most attractive and effective real estate ad is ready!

You may not proudly upload this ad in the 'creative showcase' of "afaqs!" but you know this is the most creative ad you have ever designed. Because your principal is "It is not creative unless it sells!". And you are very sure about the huge response your creative ad would get. Because you know, in Pune real estate market there is a typical class who will buy a flat only in Kothrud. These people cannot think of living in any other part of Pune but Kothrud. Because that's their destiny. They are born to live in Kothrud. They wait patiently till they get a flat of their choice.

Effective real estate advertising is all about "connecting" with your buyers!

When i opened the news paper, i was completely prepared to see very obvious ad announcing the opening of booking of the 2nd phase of Indradhanu at Vanaz.

But when i saw the ad, "Ooh La La! Amruta Khanvilkar!!" was my natural reaction. No, till that point of time in my life, i have never ever said "Ooh La La!". Generally, when i see something interesting, i say, "Chya-ai La!" It is not important to go into the details of why i said 'Ooh La La!' and not 'Chya-ai La!'. Some of you may have said, "Chya-ai La! Amruta Khanvilkar!!" Right? No problem! It's OK!!

What is important is, Amruta Khanvilkar was not only a pleasant surprise in the ad of Indradhanu at Vanaz. She was the right kind of a surprise. After her participation in 'Complan Kesar Badam Celebrity Eka Peksha Ek', dance reality show on Zee Marathi Amruta has become very popular.

She may not have won the competition but Amruta Khanvilkar has won the heart of young Pune. Which was the exact target audience of Indradhanu at Vanaz. Her presence in the ad was not only making ad more 'attractive to look at' but Amruta will help the project, Indradhanu at Vanaz, to establish the connection with the young, dynamic, sophisticated, successful Pune property buyers. Someone, for example Sushil Shimpi, may be in USA right now but, he is pakka Pune(ri), who knows that now Kothrud is Pune and that is his destiny!

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