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Have you received Magarpatta City's Web-mailer?

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No doubt, is 'India's Property Bazaar'. 99acres has over 100,000 clients and more than 200,000 listed properties on the portal. The portal has many advertising solutions for the Indian real estate developers. Some advertising solutions are exclusive and tailor made. For example - Web-mailer! Durgesh, head of Pune branch of said they have recommended this solution to only two real estate developers in Pune. One, yes, you are right, to Gera Developments and now Magarpatta City.

Site visit!

In the "real world", when you use the phone number in the press ad to inquire about the project, real estate salesman asks you to visit the project site. On the net, the website of the project is "the site" and you should invite your customers, property buyers, for the "site visit". This mailer does exactly that. Magarpatta City uses the data base of the registered users of and invites them to visit their website and gives the information of the ongoing projects, Laburnum Park, Trillium and Sylvania.

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Amanora Park Town? No!!

Web-mailer assumes that you are not interested in Amanora Park Town which is just across the street or in any other project in Hadapsar, Kharadi or Fursungi! You know all about Magarpatta City and you have already made up your mind to book a flat here. You have not yet booked a flat at Magarpatta City because you are too lazy to visit! That's why besides calling "Oxygen Zone" it does not bother to tell you anything about Magarpatta City.

If you have not been to Magarpatta City recently, you will see the photograph of big glass boxes like buildings and think that "City" is only an exaggeration. "Magarpatta Chambers" is the right description. Since "Welcome to Oxygen Chambers" sounds like "Welcome to Gas Chambers", web-mailer labels it as a "Oxygen Zone"!

But let me tell you, Magarpatta City is 400 acre mixed use (means residential and commercial - mainly office spaces) township and what you see in the photograph are office complexes in Magarpatta City, which are occupied by leading IT companies, hence called "Cyber City"!

Laburnum Park, Trillium and Sylvania - residential projects in Magarpatta City!

Besides not giving answer to "Why Magarpatta City?" this page does not help you to choose any project out of these three. Magarpatta City expects you to visit all projects - Laburnum Park, Trillium and Sylvania!

Don't you think this page of the web-mailer should have helped you to choose one out of these three or decide the sequence or priorities to visit the projects open for booking at Magarpatta City? Instead of talking about "warm sunset" "an elite neighborhood" "Life has so much to offer you", don't you think factual information, like size of the flat, budget, possession, would have been more helpful for you?

Or let us assume, you have ample time on your hand and you want to know about all the three projects! This short description fails to define and distinguish each project in the first place. Completely clueless about what to expect from the particular project, you click "More..." link and go to the home page of the particular current residential project open for bookings at Magarpatta City.

1) Laburnum Park:

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2) Trillium:

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3) Sylvania:

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Property rate, Area statement and Budget:

The customized pages of residential projects Laburnum Park, Trillium and Sylvania in Magarpatta City take you to the official website. The most useful link on these pages is an Area Statement and Costing link. I am sure, you will first click this link and use Ctrl+F to find out the current property rate of the project! Right?

Property rate of Laburnum Park is Rs.4,750 per sq.ft.; Trillium and Sylvania has the same property rate - Rs. 3,750 per sq.ft.

Now, please, do not ask me why Laburnum is charged more than Trillium and Sylvania! However, the copy writer of the web-mailer was aware about the difference in the property rates. The labels he used to described the flats proves this. For example labels for 'modern 3/4 BHK apartments' at Laburnum Park are - royal luxury, Imperial interiors, live life the 'Maharaja' way, princely lifestyle, King’s palace! Whereas Sylvania has 'beautiful and well designed 2/3 BHK homes' and Trillium is 'an elite neighborhood with spacious, well designed, cozy 2/3 BHK homes'!

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Blog Group:

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We all know why Magarpatta City had to send this mailer. Pune real estate slow down! Competition of Amanora Park Town. Over supply in Hadapsar and Kharadi part of Pune real estate market. To make most out of this situation, please, subscribe for free to my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Advertising and Marketing Blog along with my Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Investment Blog.

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