Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lokhandwala Infrastructure, Mumbai, Provides Real Estate in Dubai

India’s second-largest developer, the Mumbai-based Lokhandwala Infrastructure has made its way to Dubai as Lokhandwala Builders International where it builds, wheels and deals some of the city’s most sought after real estate.

Dubai’s booming real estate industry has attracted investors from the expatriate community and especially Indian and Pakistani natives with British or U.S. citizenship who is rushing to the new hub between Europe and Asia, a short flight between their two homes.

Jean Soriano, Lokhandwala Builders International’s sales coordinator, told reporters. “Indians go back to Dubai instead of Bombay where real estate is more expensive,” she said. Real estate in Dubai offers an excellent investment choice with premiums of at least 30 percent in three years and the law allows home buyers to sell their property after their first down payment.


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  2. Thanks for posting the story Ravi.

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