Monday, April 14, 2008

How Ziggurat Sky Villas, real estate project of only 3 bhk flats at Ambegaon in Pune, turned the threat of Amit's Bloomfield into an opportunity

Amit's Bloomfield brings Singapore to Pune:

When one of the big builders in Pune real estate market, Amit Enterprises, launched Amit's Bloomfield at Ambegaon, on the new Mumbai Bangalore bypass, couple of months 'old' project, Ziggurat Sky Villas, was threatened to the core.

But Al-Track Group, promoters of Ziggurat, had a good product, a motivated team and a creative ad agency , D. K. Advertising. Together, instantly, they turned this threat into an opportunity and sold more number of flats and those too at an increased rate. At the same time Ziggurat Sky Villas added value to the brand equity of Al-Track Group. No wonder, celebrities like Amrut Purandare, son of Shivshahir Babasaheb Purandare and Charuhas Pandit, creator of the famous cartoon Chintoo, booked their flats here!

Glamorous Amit's Bloomfield:

Not only the location but at Amit's Bloomfield (252 Apartments and 22 Twin Bungalows and 21 Villas), every thing was totally opposite to what Ziggurat Sky Villas had. Which was more than a challenge. Amit's Bloomfield had a big advertising budget, big customer base (25 years, 80 projects, 2,000 plus flat buyers!) and a glamorous sample flat which was enough to convince any home buyer on the Sinhagad road to pay more and book a flat instantly.

Obviously, launching of Amit's Bloomfield was going to create the same situation when Paranjape Schemes' Blueridge was launched at Hinjewadi or when ParkStreet was launched at Wakad. Bookings at other projects in that area were going to stop completely! Forget about the bookings, i have seen (experienced!) that people do not take the trouble of visiting other sites!

Elements of Nature:

Where as based on the 5 elements of nature, Ziggurat is a township of 11 acres. In 7 buildings it has 192 flats. All are 3 bhk flats. Every flat is open from 3 sides or 4 sides. While designing Ziggurat, Arc. Vishwas Kulkarni has given importance to the pyramid shape and followed life enhancing Sun paths and Wind directions. Besides these Elements of nature, privacy for individual flats, view, community life, location and geographical realty is also taken into consideration.

Enhancing vs. Exploiting:

In short, you must have realized that Ziggurat is based on proven age old principals and concepts. Where as Amit's Bloomfield was trying to exploit the aspirations of the flat buyers by relating their project to the glamorous Singapore. Commercially, we all know, it is easy to sell glamour than something based on the principals. That's why Coca-Cola is a leading global brand.


Township on Sinhagad Road:

True, Darode Jog's Crossover County had already proved that there is a big demand for the 'township with all amenities and some sophistication' on the Sinhagad road. But in real estate marketing you only get two opportunities. First, when you launch the project and second when the property buyers visit your site. Ziggurat Sky Villas was already a couple of months old project so they had missed the first opportunity. Of course, Ziggurat Sky Villas still had the second opportunity to convince the flat buyer. But...only if he visits the site.

Thanks to Dhananjay Kale!:


D K Advertising, Pune Thanks to Dhananjay Kale of D. K. Advertising, says Vishwas Joshi one of the partners of Al-Track Group - promoters of Ziggurat, for his personal involvement and creative solutions. First ad positioned Ziggurat as a competitor and equally good option to Amit's Bloomfield and not as one more desperate builder who is trying to survive by cutting price and offering freebies.

Emotional and Rational Appeal:


Second and third ads, without mentioning Amit's Bloomfield or Singapore, in a normal conversational tone make an emotional as well as a rational appeal to the flat buyer. Ads talk about the flat buyer's love for his motherland , India! And assure him that he will not be taken for a ride by a glamorous presentation but will get a value for his money.

Indian Property Rate Rs. 3,100 per sq. ft. only!:


Released on Saturdays in Sakal, these ads successfuly motivated property buyers to visit the site of Ziggutat Sky Villas with a positive mind ( even about the property rate which went on increasing by 100 ruppess every weekend. From 2,900 it went up to 3,100 rs. per sq.ft.!) Which created the unexpected second challenge. Challenge of convincing and converting site visitors or "enquiries" comming in "huge" numbers. Yes, more than 75 "site visits" in a day is a huge number in the current Pune real estate slowdown. But the partners of Al-Track with the site engineers attended the customers along with the sales team till late in the evening and converted enquiry into booking!

Pune real estate marketing:

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  1. The scheme is really good but the prices are still inflated.
    A rate of Rs. 2200 per sq. ft is ok for that location.

  2. @lavjeet, "I too need to visit the previous site of the builder and ask people over there !" Yes! Lavjeet, everybody must visit the previous project of the builder, talk to as many people as you can, try to discuss issues with the builder and understand his side (yes, you should!), and then if you feel comfortable to take a 'risk', you go ahead and book.

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