Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sternon Real Estate names Bollywood star Mandira Bedi as brand ambassador for ‘Magic Hills’

I am happy to open with Mandira Bedi! Sorry, for the P.J. But when you say Mandira Bedi don't you remember her 'extra innings'? Yes, everybody who enjoys watching cricket on TV will always associate her with cricket.

Cricket :

We Indians are crazy about cricket. Cricket has become more than a sport for us. Cricket has become a fevicol not only for Indians in India but even among NRIs. Since, Sternon is into International Real Estate Marketing, they know it very well. And by the way, what were the other options to cricket?

Bollywood :

Obviously Bollywood! That's why Sternon says "Bollywood Star Mandira Bedi" Now, i do not remember a single film of her's and that's why i do not feel she is a Bollywood Star. But definitely she is a Star and calling her "Bollywood Star", for sure, doubles her attraction!

Household Name :

Let us see why Sternon went for Mandira. According to the press release Anthony D'Silva, of Communicate Gulf, sent me from Dubai, Mr. Hussaini F. Nalwalla, Managing Director of Sternon Group says, "“Just like Mandira Bedi, Magic Hills is individualistic, arresting and bold. Magic Hills has created quite an excitement among the NRI community worldwide and we are positive Mandira’s endorsement will give a seal of excellence and originality. Mandira Bedi is a household name today among Indians worldwide and Sternon is proud to appoint her our brand ambassador.”

Investment :

“I am proud to be associated with Sternon and Magic Hills Residences, as the new project in Navi Mumbai promises to set new standards in high living, keeping in mind the expectations of NRIs,” said Mandira. “India is certainly becoming an attractive place to live and work, and Sternon’s Magic Hills represents a golden opportunity for NRIs to invest in.”

Goodwill :

But tell me, when we are talking about NRIs, if we keep aside cricket and Bollywood and focus on an Individual who comes to your mind? Shilpa Shetty! Right? She is not only popular, i have heard, NRIs respect Shilpa Shetty for taking a stand against discrimination. Recently, after her arrest for that five month old kiss on the cheek, somebody told me, Shilpa Shetty is treated as a goddess. Goddess who fights against the devils of racism and fascist! Who can create more goodwill about you than god?

Brand Ambassador :

No, i am not asking why Mandira or why not Shilpa! I only want to know what are Sternon's expectations from the brand ambassador? I became more curious when i learnt that the first phase of Magic Hills is already booked. (Yes, if you want to know more about Magic Hills, please visit my 'Pune Real Estate Market News Blog'.) Forget all this and just tell me when you look at the above photograph, do you feel Mandira adds any value to it? Makes it more glamorous? or more desirable? Frankly, i do not think so! Till we get more information about Mandira let us take a look at other brand ambassadors in the next posts.

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